It is a cultural operation aimed at affirming the persistent power of art to influence thought in our age, but of the need to rewrite and update the "texts" on which the history of art and the present  are written, for the duty to put in the spotlight the emerging truthfulness that attest  to the crucial contribution given to art by the women, and the change in art / science relationships that have occorred. The genius of women in art is the component that needs to be fully revealed and attributed for the honesty on which the historical, creative, critical and practical process of art deserves to be founded.

Marinella Galletti is the creator and promoter of ARTISTE / Revolution for the recognition of the role of artists in the contemporary world.

She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna; specialized in Educational and Didactic Communication, University of Padua; Master in "Psychology of Art and Literature" Cisat, Naples.

Teacher of Art History and Drawing at the Liceo Classico "G. Cevolani", in Cento (FE), the town where she lives. Her multidisciplinary artistic research, which involves visual, literary, non-fiction, and art education, has earned her prizes and awards.

Her visual works can be found in national and international museum institutions and private collections. His works of poetry, fiction and non-fiction are published by Italian publishing houses.

She is the Promoter, Founder and President of the National Cultural Association "Artem Docere" for the expansion of the pedagogical foundations of artistic training.


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